An innovation, test, and development
environment for wellbeing technology

LAB WellTech innovation ecosystem

The LAB WellTech innovation ecosystem provides development and testing services for companies focusing on wellbeing and health-centric solutions.

Development activities emphasize the networking of different, complementary operators, user-centric development processes, service design, and the collection of professional and user data.


User-driven co-creation

LAB WellTech fosters a co-operative networking model connecting technology and start-up companies with public and private sector social and healthcare providers.

Activities emphasize the development of new technologies and services and their utilization in the social and health sector.

Multi-disciplinary testbed services

LAB WellTech offers multi-disciplinary testbed services for user driven product and service innovations for the whole product development life cycle.

The innovations can be tested in a variety of ways, both in real user environments in the social and health care sector as well as in the simulation and laboratory environments of LAB University of Applied Sciences in Lahti and Lappeenranta.

How we work

LAB WellTech offer a fast-track for flexible product and service development and testing for technology and start-up enterprises as well as social and health care organizations.

Service offerings and pricing are defined on a case-by-case basis.


Innovative partnerships
Multidisciplinary actors

Testing and

Utilization of technology
and AI

Product and
service development

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